• Architectural design

Project Inception‚Ä®, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents


  • Interior Design

a comprehensive service that includes in-person design, purchasing, project management and installation.


  • Restoration of Architectural Heritage

    • Rehabilitation and Renovation
    • Redesign and innovative structures in historical buildings and urban heritage
    • Products and technology related to restoration of buildings and restoration of historical urban


  • Furniture and Products Design

Designs, manufactures, and installs custom and high-end furnishings for both commercial and residential settings

  • Urban and Landscape

Urban landscape design encompasses the following types of spaces:

    • streets and associated public spaces
    • parks, public and private squares, gardens
    • Urban Heritage
    • amenity and servicing space around buildings
    • buildings themselves.


  • Investment in construction

Investing in construction projects, land with a suitable location for building apartments and settlements.


  • Construction Management

Project Management, Construction and Contract Administration

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